DEsign Idea Competition


Organiser: Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR / Award: 2nd Prize in Professional Group / Year: 2018



The design aims to plant a seed of “green values” to local community and increase public awareness of the Green Station through unique and playful architectural design.  The eye-catching baling machine tower is housed in a glass envelope and upcycled-plastic bottle designed with community participation, together with the rooftop playground, the Green Station let visitors appreciate and arouse their interests in sustainable living.  

Rather than taking the container module as it is, the design adopts the container frames’ thin outlines and specific proportions as a spatial module that defines all the functions in a systematic manner.  The compact arrangement minimizes the construction of building envelope and heat gain. The ceiling height varies among the functional area to naturally suit different functions. High headroom areas allow flexibility on usage and improve acoustic performance of the office and multi-purpose room. Besides, the windows at high level not only create a strong visual connection to the playground above but also encourage visitors to engage with the Station even more. 

Other sustainable features such as light tube, chimney for stack effect, and feature wall made of recycled bottles as insulation can all be reached and touched at the open space as a showcase of sustainable design.  

We hope the Station can become an exhibit itself and as a powerful community magnet via play, observation and community participation.

Green Wan Chai 1 resized.jpg
Green Wan Chai 2.jpg