art installation

Client: PMQ / Curator: Create & Yay / Event: WOW Summer Fair / Installation Design: Knock Knock Ideas /
Construction: Knock Knock Ideas / Open to Public: 17-26 August 2018 / Location: 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


Play a round.dream a round

Living in this fast-pace city, daydreaming is luxury. While kids and adults are having increasing burden and constraints, we would like to design a playground in which everyone is carefree to relax and plays without rules.  

To echo with the theme of event 'circle and square', we decided to use hula hoops to create a piece of floating cloud, and recycled foam to form a 10m x 10m playground. Many parents and visitors were surprised about the softness of foam, which interestingly contrasts with its appearance. Indeed, the different degree of softness, colours and shapes of foam were brought to the site with tremendous effort and negotiation with the factory in China. For the construction and erection of the cloud, we consciously avoided any damage to the hula hoops so that they can be reused later. 

After the completion of event, the cloud was dissembled and restored to hula hoops. The hoops and foam were then delivered to 3 local primary schools for further use. One of our design philosophies is to create considerate design, which is sustainable and enjoyable and memorable. We have demonstrated how to minimise wastage through the design and construction process. 

Kids are kings;
adults become kidults 

With this additional layer of huge mattress, children and parents may stare at the yellow cloud and meanwhile, invent a lot of different games by using hula hoops. The whole courtyard space was being redefined and filled with laughters. As designers, it was extremely satisfying to see all these happy faces and interactions.